Being a minimalist (when everyone around me is not)

It’s a bit of a challenge

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  1. Move. (Possible, but would be expensive, and I’d have to move again in a few years.)

The default was, “If you’re successful, you have a house and a car.”

The ideas still persist, but the incomes aren’t there to justify it anymore. Millennials face these two competing ideas: 1) that they should own a lot of stuff, and 2) they’re never going to get out of debt.

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“Racks with men's apparel on the walls of a clothes store” by Clark Street Mercantile on Unsplash

I think I lead a very ordinary life, except that I’m careful about what I purchase and what I keep.

I used to get excited about going to conferences and getting swag. You know — pens, tote bags, lanyards, all that. But I have pens, and I have closets of tote bags. I have small tote bags, large tote bags, insulated bags for groceries. And who needs more than one lanyard?

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