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  • Lee Serpa Azevado

    Lee Serpa Azevado

    Scribbler of stuff, psych nurse, giant punsexual; fee/fie/foe/fum. Mental health(y), humo(u)r, politic(k)s and other such nonsense.

  • Simon Black

    Simon Black

    This is not the Simon Black that you know. This is a different Simon Black. He does not work in your organization or live in your city.

  • Phil Rosen

    Phil Rosen

    Bestselling travel writer. Columnist. Author. USC Annenberg School of Journalism. https://philsnextstop.blog

  • Bradley Allen

    Bradley Allen

    Script reader/editor, freelance writer, photographer and pizza enthusiast. No pineapple. Instagram @bradley_allen_photography

  • Luke Rowley

    Luke Rowley

    Goal Engineer. Get my free starter kit to help you stay motivated to reach your goals all year long: https://bit.ly/2SMag21

  • Becky Roehrs

    Becky Roehrs

    A feminist who writes about politics, humor, relationships, and mental health. Sarcastic and silly. Loves coffee and canoeing.

  • Athirah Syamimi

    Athirah Syamimi

    Aspiring YouTuber creator. Covering topics on stoicism, personal finance and entrepreneurship.

  • Stephen Sovie

    Stephen Sovie

    A liberal retiree who loves writing about politics, social issues, my pets and my life experiences.

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