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  • Amanda Garland

    Amanda Garland

    New Mom, personal finance enthusiast, and avid gambler. Square peg, round hole? 😉

  • Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown

    Writer of opinions. Ex wine pro. Simple words for a simple life. https://charliebrownwriter.carrd.co/

  • Stefanie Behrendt

    Stefanie Behrendt

    First and foremost: NATURE LOVER. Blockchain & real estate enthusiast. Zero waste start up founder. Yoga flow teacher. Wanna be farmer. * www.wegozero.co *

  • Zed Bee

    Zed Bee

    I’m a former doctor turned writer/content creator. I write topics on self-help, lifestyle, and the weird and wonderful. My website: https://www.mindthemedic.com

  • Riikka Iivanainen

    Riikka Iivanainen

    Fascinated by all things design and human behavior. Especially curious about how and why we make the decisions we do.

  • Desiree Peralta

    Desiree Peralta

    Turning ideas into reality. Programmer by profession, Writer by passion. Finance and self-development advice. | Get weekly money advice: https://bit.ly/3pFFWXk

  • Selali Onuoha

    Selali Onuoha

    Entrepreneur. Reader. Life-long Learner. I write to educate and inspire. She/her. Contact: mno22@cornell.edu

  • Gia Punjabi

    Gia Punjabi

    Yet another corporate lackey on a path of advocacy, self-management and betterment. Holding on tight to the belief that words can change the world for good.

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