How to Repair an Old Cat Tree

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Photo by Cong H on Unsplash

Gather materials

You’ll need:

  • carpet cleaner
  • sisal rope
  • a knife or scissors
  • fabric/wood glue (I used Gorilla glue) or a glue gun
  • Soft fabric
  • paper towels

Clean up the tree

First, check for areas of the tree where the fabric is still good. In my case, the bottom cloth was barely touched, so I didn’t need to replace it.

Replace the rope

Cut off any old, frayed sisal rope with a sharp knife. It will take awhile to unwind it all.

Replace the fabric

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Safety tip

A lot of trees come with toys dangling off them, but I always cut them off. Cats can get their paws tangled in them. Instead of attaching toys, place your cat tree up against a window so your pet can look outside.


It may take a few days for your kitty to start using the repaired tree, because to them a clean smell seems weird and new. You can either wait for them to try it out, or spray a little catnip on it to entice them.

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