My first few months on Medium

My challenges and insights

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Enter Medium

I have always wanted to write, ever since I could remember. As a kid, I’d jot down stories. In college, I wrote for the student newspaper. I wanted to be a journalist, but when the market crash of ’08 happened, I switched my major.

What I Learned

I really love writing humor! I haven’t done it since I was a kid, really, so I plan to do it more.


I’m not much of a “joiner,” but I do like writing for publications. I really should seek out more and write for them. Currently I write for The Ascent, Pickle Fork, and the evolution. They serve different audiences, but I really like the theme of each one.


If there was a “hide stats until you post your next article” button, I would use it. My stats have gone up and down, but it is a useful feature.


Medium has some great basic tools for formatting. I have been experimenting with some other techniques, like section dividers, but I still get wowed on occasion by what people do.

I also like to use “pull quotes” to highlight what I think are the most important parts of a story.


Images are a must in front of your story, and I’ve never broken that rule. Most publications require them, and they help your article look great. I have found that more inspirational images, like images of beaches or landscapes, seem to work better than, say, a picture of a lamp. However, my experience on that is very limited, so I’m not using it as a guide just yet.

My plan going forward

No clue! You could see a poem, humorous article, commentary or self-help piece. Or all of the above!

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Article writer, aspiring YA novelist & health scientist.

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