My Review of Five Zero Waste Products

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I’ve been interested in the “zero waste” movement for a few years now. It’s a lifestyle that helps people create as little trash as possible.

It involves lifestyle changes, such as swapping out disposable items for reusable ones. It might sound easy, but doing it every day is fairly difficult. I’ve encountered a lot of products that can’t be recycled or reused.

Over the past two years, I have tried a lot of zero waste products, and I wanted to share what I learned.

Ultimately, the best zero waste strategy is to use what you have, then buy used or borrow items. Then, if you can’t find what you need, buy a new item. For example, using old plastic containers is better than buying new glass or stainless steel containers.

Also: these reviews were not sponsored. I bought the items on my own, and have no relationship with the companies that make them.

You can buy a reusable coffee pod on Amazon or in most grocery stores. It fits most Keurig machines. You can fill it with ground coffee and reuse it, instead of using disposable K-cups.

When I take out the coffee grounds, I toss them in my compost bin, and then wash the pod. I’ve used one almost every day for several years, and it’s saved me from throwing out a lot of trash. Ground coffee in bulk is much cheaper than buying boxes of disposable cups, and the compost is great for my garden.

I am allergic to latex, so most bandaids irritate my skin. Fortunately, I found some bandages made from bamboo that are really effective. And these bandages, as well as their packaging, are compostable.

I have tried them a few times, and they worked really well. Someone else I know tried them and didn’t think they were sticky enough, but I am going to keep my medicine cabinet stocked with these.

Lush is a cosmetics store known for not testing their products on animals, but they also sell products with sustainable packaging. I like their charity pot lotion; it’s very soothing for dry skin in the winter.

Unlike a lot of lotions, which come in a disposable plastic tube, this one comes in a plastic container that can be re-used, or brought back to a Lush store for recycling. (They’re good for storing small items, like hair ties or clips.)

I wish Lush had more unscented products, but I always keep a hand cream from them in my home and office.

I’ve found this silk dental floss to be just as good as regular plastic floss. The floss can be composted after you use it. The glass container is reusable, and you can order refills that will be shipped to you with zero waste.

These are used to store food, like a more durable, reusable plastic wrap. If you need to wrap up half a sandwich, these would work great.

But for anything slightly more messy, like covering a bowl of leftovers, this one was tricky for me to use. They stayed put, but I found them to be hard to clean. In the end, I went back to glass containers for my leftovers.

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