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My attempt to stop junk mail

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Some of the mail I received wasn’t quite junk, but it was superfluous: paper statements of bills I had on autopay.

Advertising mail

To opt out of those annoying “pre-approved” credit card offers, go to I tried this and it seemed to work. I’ve only received one credit card offer in the last few months.

Catalogs and newsletters

These can really fill up my recycle bin. I use the same principle as above — contact the company and politely request that they stop sending catalogs or newsletters. Any information they contain is usually available online.

Mail for previous residents

Sometimes you get mail that belongs to a previous resident. You can write “Return to sender — not at this address” and send it back.


Sometimes, coupons are great. My grocery store can send me “$5 off $50” coupons as much as it wants. But sometimes we receive coupons for places we don’t shop at, or receive way too many coupons. Google “unsubscribe (company name)” and it will usually lead you to a link or a contact page.

Phone book

This is not quite mail, but it’s still unsolicited paper. I used to find those poor phone books on my front steps every year, waterlogged from snow or rain. You can unsubscribe from this one at

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