Warning Signs of a Bad Job

Red flags that it’s time to polish your resume

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People are leaving

If several people quit or are laid off, that’s a big warning sign. Sure, your company can be weathering a storm — or you could be on a sinking ship. Be wary, and ask yourself: why are people leaving?

Compensation is low

How long has it been since you had a raise? If the answer is “never” and your performance is good, your employer is likely shortchanging you. What about your benefits or paid time off? If those aren’t generous, working there can be extra miserable.

The company plays favorites

Your vacation request gets denied, but someone else’s is approved. You have a stack of work on your desk, yet it seems a coworker is getting paid to watch YouTube videos. Playing favorites is not only annoying, it’s a bad business practice.

Bosses are excessively punitive

I once worked a job where everyone suddenly started getting written up. If employees didn’t do anything wrong, the director would make up a reason. My boss called me up on my day off to go in and sign my write-up. I got tired of this pretty much instantly, and was able to secure a new job.

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